My Europe Week

Celebrating Europe Day from May 3rd to 9th!

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Its great to see loads of posts about My Europe Week appearing around the internet. I have yet to write mine, and I apologise for that! My excuse is that I finish my exams today, and then I will write it!

So earlier I posted a post from C’s Europa blog who wants europe to end as a Federal Europe

Continuing with non-English languages, Anne Albius of Denmark has written this post. It is an interesting post which looks around Europe now and the possibilities for the future.

Ralf Grahn, that prolific Euroblogger, has more posts for us! He looks at the Trivium and the secondary Quadrivium and Universitas of European Integration. He has also blogged in Finnish and Swedish.

Finally for now, Julien Frisch looks back at his experiences travelling by train.

Have you a story or idea to share? Dont forget to submit your post before Sunday!

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Written by Stephen Spillane

May 5, 2010 at 10:35 am

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